Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Turtle weekend

It was fun diving with turtles this weekend, they just seemed happy to let us hang out with them. But we also saw some other cool critters while we were down there. In the photo below, I stayed hovering overhead while Harry checked out the crevasses. We've been seeing these little stone monuments all over the island. So Harry built a little fish feng shui down there. I was surprised by this eel as he came out in front of me as I was following Harry. Nice scorpion fish photo by Harry. Octopus hiding under a rock. Turtles - up close and personal. This guy was stirring up a bunch of silt wiggling against a rock. The turtles seemed content to have us near, no matter what direction we shot the photos of them. Harry watching this one eating his mid-day snack. This one was really stirring up the silt, but I leaned in for a close look anyway. You can really see all the silt being kicked up from both sides. This was after he settled down a bit. He still hung out with us, just quit wiggling in the silt. He even let us come close with the camera. It's just awesome to watch them watch you. Grabbing another snack. It was fun to be a part of their world for a few minutes. Another turtle - on his farewell exit. Thanks guys, for sharing some ocean time with us.

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Deece said...

That is so amazing! Getting so close to the turtles...I love it! I would never do it, so I'm glad I can see it on yours and Harry's blogs.

I replied to your comment on my blog about Sarah's barbies. Thank you so much for thinking of us. My daughter has reached the age of barbies. My niece has some that my daughter plays with. If they are still available, I'm sure the girls would adore them. Where is Sarah going? Please email me at create(at)deece(dot)net.