Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I like Marianas Resort

I had a really nice weekend, even if it was busy almost every minute. On Saturday I attended a Northwest Airlines appreciation luncheon for the travel agents. That was very nice. We got a trophy for 2nd place in sales, and Lisa won a round trip business class ticket to the states! After the luncheon, I went to Marianas Resort to read my book and lay in the sun. I was too tired to join Harry, Barry and Vaughn on their afternoon dive. Below is the view from the deck at Marianas Resort. This is the massage hut. I've never really seen it used for massages, though. It's usually for going under when it rains.
This is the walkway leading to the cafe and upper pools.

This is the really cold pool. I saw a plumeria floating in it, so I sat down and took a picture. I go in this pool the most, as it really cools you down after laying in the hot sun.

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