Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poolside BBQ

I wanted to write about the poolside BBQ at Mark and Tammy's house in yesterday's post, but I deleted it due to photo problems. For some reason my pictures are still acting weird - some big some small - so I thought I'd just post it anyway. In this first picture you meet Brady. He was the official greeter, I think. But he is one of the friendliest dogs I've met on island. I wish Emma were more like him.

In the next picture I'm getting hugs from both dogs. I can't remember the girl dog's name, but she was quite friendly, too, especially if she was competing with Brady. She made me laugh because she goes to the neighbor's yard and takes avocados from the ground and brings them home to eat on her front lawn. Too funny.

Isn't this pool just beautiful? It was so refreshing after our dive, to soak in the pool a bit before getting something to eat from the wonderful assortment of dishes that everyone brought.

Here's Harry chatting with Jason, and enjoying some great food. There were so many vegetarian dishes, that I thought I woke up somewhere else. I had so many choices, it was hard to pick. That was a real switch from the "normal" potluck gathering out here.

I took this picture looking off of Mark and Tammy's deck. The sun was setting and the moon was rising. Very cool view. Thank you Mark and Tammy for your kind hospitality. I really had a great afternoon, relaxing, chatting with friends, and enjoying really good food. The dogs were fun, too!

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