Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Dive

This week, my Sunday morning dive was with Harry, Barry and Vaughn. We saw the fish ball right away when we got in. Barry took some pictures of it with his antique dive camera that still uses film. It's a cool looking little camera, no housing needed. It was fun looking at the developed "real" pictures after the dive.
Harry decided to take us to some swim throughs. Here are his fins disappearing into a cave. I tried to follow him, but couldn't see where he went. When he headed into a second swim through I went into that one, but half way through I watched him at the end wiggling to get himself out. I decided maybe I'd not try that one. But, it's like the guys said later, if he made it through by wiggling, I probably could have gone straight through. Ok, next time I'll swim right on through with him.

Here he is exiting one of the swim throughs. It looks pretty cool down there, under the coral.
Here's Harry with a big conch shell.
Barry and Vaughn and a few neighborhood fish friends.
Barry and Vaughn checking out another conch shell.
I always enjoy swimming along the pipeline. There are so many interesting things to see.
Vaughn and Barry are checking out the pipeline, too. Or maybe practicing ESP. : )
Barry found this really beautiful pillow starfish on our way back to the rope. I was having problems with my camera settings, and finally shot this photo only to have zebra boy swim right in front of it. Oh well. You can still see how pretty it is.

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