Thursday, April 17, 2008

I like Oleai Beach Bar and Grill

I haven't been able to post much lately. Between power outages, internet glitches, and just being really busy, it's been hard to sit down and write. It's not that there isn't alot going on, there is. But I have to admit, that I struggle with how to write it down. We have been faced with some very hard decisions lately. But, I have to face those things all day long, so I decided my blog was going to be about good things, things I like about living on this island. So today's blog is about Oleai Beach Bar andGrill. Over the last 12 years, we have spent untold hours there with friends and family. We have laughed, told stories, cried, made fun of each other, and ate mediocre food and consumed gallons of iced tea together. We have enjoyed the ocean, the sunsets, watching the fishermen, sailors and children playing on the beach. And we've even stopped in the middle of eating lunch, and gone for a swim. In the picture above, I'm holding a puppy named Fwuffy, according to it's very young owner. Fwuffy belongs to the son of one of the waitresses at Oleai. When the boy wants to play on the beach, he has me "puppy sit" for him. In the picture below, Jeong Ah is taking her turn puppy sitting. In the picture below, I'm enjoying a relaxing swim near shore, before my tacos arrived. It was close enough for Harry to get out his camera and take my picture.

That's right! Not too bad for 47, eh?
So this is where we eat lunch almost every weekend. It's become our weekend home away from home, so to speak. If our friends are looking for us on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, they know where to look. I would guess we've had lunch at Oleai with hundreds of friends over the years. Harry often takes his dive buddies here after a morning dive. I used to always meet him there for lunch, but now I'm one of the dive buddies.
Well, I guess my next post will have to be on diving - another thing I really like about living on this island.


Harry Blalock said...

I may be just a tad prejudiced, but I'd say outstanding, and not just for 47!

Regis said...

What a HOT mamma in law!

KelliOnSaipan said...

Too funny, Regis. SORRY, Josh.