Friday, April 18, 2008

I like diving on Saipan

True to my last blog post, I am continuing my posts on "things I like about Saipan." Diving on Saipan is an awesome experience. Yes, hauling the tanks is still hard for me, but look what I get to see once I get down there! I never get tired of swimming with the turtles. I think this one is a hawksbill. There are a couple of them down there, that will let you swim along with them for a while.
I think this one is a green. He has such a pretty shell.

Last weekend I dove with Harry and Barry. In this photo, they are trying to get a good picture of a nudibranch.
Here's Barry swimming near the pipeline at Lau Lau.
Below: King of Lemuria, checking on the kingdom mound?

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