Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why are we still on Saipan?

I've been writing back to the states - to friends and family- letting them know how things are going here. I've mentioned the many power outages, political squabbles, poor water, drastic economic downturn, etc. And I told them how the station is struggling to even stay on the air with all these factors, and how many businesses have already shut their doors for these same reasons. So I keep getting asked, why are you still on Saipan? Why not pack up now and head to the states where there's electricity, water and fresh food in the stores? Well, it's a hard question to answer, when no one on the receiving end has tried to make a life out here. But Harry and I have spent 12 years living on this little island. We raised our kids here. We have friends, are part of the community, and we love to dive! Sounds like feeble reasons I guess, in light of all the states has to offer, so I guess I just have to say - I can't really explain it. Somehow, for now anyway, it's home. I put together a few pictures that capture some of the reasons why we are still here. These are not in order of importance, but rather in the random order that blogger lets me load them. Since they have no rhyme nor reason, I didn't bother organizing them.

Emma, the ever faithful boonie dog, who runs from our dinner guests.

Some of my co-workers and business associates.

Dancing with Harry - what a great way to celebrate life. Watching my daughter dancing, happy and looking lovely.

Having a drink or two with friends (family).

Watching the paddlers at sunset.


Enjoying new guests at Oleai.
Searching for turtles off Bonzai cliff in the early morning.
I don't think words are needed for this.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I get it. BUT, I still miss my Wum and Dad! lol... Good blog Wum. I miss it there sometimes...

KelliOnSaipan said...

I miss you too!! That is the island's biggest drawback.

Anonymous said...

Harry & Kelli,

Dan & Karen Hocking we love you blog. We do have all the things that you talked about and more, but if we could we would leave to Saipan tomorrow. The best times of our lifes were on Saipan. We raised our kids there and all of us would love to head back. We have been watching and hoping that great things befall on Saipan again. So we can come home.

God Bless and hope to see all of you great folks soon

Dan & Karen Hocking
Yuma AZ.

Regis said...

Nice post! Very beautiful pics.

Saipan is a pretty place. It's a bit odd, but boy does it have the best spa packages! lol