Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another beautiful dive weekend

It was another beautiful dive weekend for me. We dove Lau Lau and Obiyan on Saturday, then Obiyan again on Sunday morning. Lau Lau didn't have the best visibility, but Obiyan was really clear and pretty. Here's Harry heading off over the rocks looking for nudibranchs. This was such a pretty group of coral and fish. It had some soft coral swaying in the current, with fish playing in and out, and the hard coral forming a little arch overhead. Fun.
I'm getting a little better with my macro shots. This was really pretty, but I had to sit still for a while with my camera resting on another coral, to wait for the fish to swim back over the top. Barry found this really nice pillow starfish. Pillow, nap, yep Barry catching some zzz's down under. After a nice nap, Barry is hovering over the coral formations nearby. Harry pointed out this little lion fish. I actually got a nice couple of photos of him. This was just a little clam, about 3 inches long, but I was practicing my macro shots. Here's another practice shot of a nudibranch, but I had him in my dark corner too far this time.
I love this feathery coral, it's so graceful flowing in the current.
This was another practice macro shot. I'm very happy with this one. It looks exactly like I see it under water. It's such a beautiful world down there.

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