Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boat Dive

Welcome to my very first boat dive. Here are some of the things I saw. I didn't take my camera down on the first dive, which was at Bonzai, Spotlight. The waves were a bit big there, so I just focused on getting myself around. But Harry took some nice pictures there, so you can check out his blog for those. Our second dive was at the arch at Wing Beach. I have to admit, there is something really appealing about just falling off the back of the boat and dropping down into the deep blue. This first picture is Brad and two other diver's bubbles. There was a group of 9 of us. A couple of the other divers had big cameras and video equipment with them. Here's a couple of the guys hanging out at the anchor line. While swimming along the edge of the crevice, Harry motioned for me to come and look in this hole. He had me pet the tail that was sticking out. I always enjoy seeing these guys playing in the anenome. Sorry my colors aren't so great. I'm still working on that.
Brad and another diver approaching the edge of the crevice. Another diver. Sorry, but underwater I'm not always sure who is who, especially since I just met some of them on the boat. Here's Harry on the edge of the crevice looking out to open sea. The next two photos are Harry looking up at me from the bottom of the crevice. I joined him on the bottom, after taking a few pictures from the top. It was really cool to swim inside of the crevice.

Here's another shot of Harry inside the crevice, where I am beginning to follow him down. It looks like a tight squeeze, but it really isn't too narrow. Harry and Brad are looking at things under the ledge. Harry taking pictures under the ledge. Leaving the crevice.
Another diver outside of the crevice.
Looking out from inside the crevice through one of the holes.
Back on the boat with Harry (bunny ears) Mark and Brad. Mark and Brad enjoying a couple of cold beers after the dive. It was a great experience for me, I had alot of fun. Check out Harry's blog to see some really good pictures of the two dives.

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Brad said...

Kelli, great pictures! wow, I'm glad to see you both posting pictures from the same dive. That makes it even better. The boat dives were a lot of fun and I'd forgotten how great it is to just drop off the side of the boat and descend into the blue.