Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Part Two

After our fun dive together at Lau Lau with Sarah and Chris, Harry and I went home to rest a bit before dinner. Since Harry was on a night dive earlier in the weekend, he was really tired, so he actually got a nap before we headed out for the evening. I started getting ready for dinner about 30 minutes before we had to leave. I woke him up with about 5 minutes to get ready but that works for him. Harry took his nice camera along to Giovanni's, and the staff was kind enough to help us out with a group photo. However, Chris is in deep doo doo for messing up a perfectly nice picture of us. And it's hard to catch a good picture of him, so I'm guessing this is evidence that he only takes good pictures if he's up to something bad. Hmm.
Sarah and I are waiting in front of the ponds at the Hyatt. The garden area is so pretty there. We are wearing the new shawls she brought back from Dubai. Here's me in front of the stone walls near the Giovanni's entrance. Sarah and I are trying to smile for Chris's camera, while Harry took our picture from the side. We had a fun time taking pictures in the garden. Kelli and Sarah are enjoying the fine dinner at Giovanni's. We shared the spinach ravioli, a seafood appetizer, and the amazing wild mushroom soup. I could easily make a meal from their mushroom soup and fresh bread. Check out Sarah's cute black pearl necklace. We brought it back for her from Bali. She looked very lovely Sunday evening. It was fun dressing up and going to a very nice restaurant to celebrate Mother's Day. I felt like a "queen" for a day. Thanks to my family for making the day so special for me. And thanks to Chris for treating me to such a nice dinner. Thanks for calling me - Josh and Regis - I know you wanted to be here and I miss you both very much. But enjoy your family visit with Britany and Steve and Kate.


bill vanderbush said...

Thanks for the comment, Kelli. I love your blog and pics. I miss diving on Maui and can't wait to get back there. In the meantime, I'll enjoy your underwater world through your photos. Hope to meet you guys in person one of these days. Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Miss you very much, Wum, and am so glad that you got to have a nice Mother's Day. Perhaps I will get to spend one of the next couple with you...Thanks for being the world's best mom, and for all the love and support you have given both Regis and I!

Regis said...

So happy you had a great mother's day! I love the pics! They're wonderful! You look so pretty.

Oh, and thanks for the comments you posted on my blog. You are very welcome for me taking care of Josh and his health. It has been great for us to actually look half decent in pics again. lol After 3 days relaxing from dieting, I've got barley green and soy protein meals in store for me tomorrow.

Miss you, and love you!

Heidi said...

Hi Kelli
Nice photos! I am so glad that you blog, it is so fun to see you, Harry, and the kids!And Saipan is beautiful, its fun to see the sea creatures. . .what a wonderful place to live and with your blog I feel like I am with you. And can I tell you how much you remind me of your Mom . . . I am thinking of you! Heidi