Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lau Lau Dive with Doug and Fumiko

Saturday, May 3, was my first Grotto dive. We dove the Grotto in the morning with Doug, Fumiko and Michael. But we were done by 10:30, so we decided to dive Lau Lau before lunch. Yes, I actually did 2 dives in the same day. It was like being in Bali again. Harry and Doug went on to a third dive at Obiyan, but Fumiko and I opted to wait for them on the beach. The fish ball was there at Lau Lau (dive #2 of the day) to greet us again. Here I am surrounded by all the fish. Here I am heading into the ball. Michael didn't join us on the second dive, but I think Doug and Fumiko really enjoyed seeing the fish ball. But what Doug really wanted to see was Lemuria. Ha. So we visited the stone mound and checked out all the little fish and critters tucked in the rocks. Here's Fumiko, Doug and me circling the mound. It was another great dive. I always enjoy checking things out at Lau Lau. I seem to see something new each time. On Sunday morning we dove Lau Lau again with Barry, Jody and Bailey. Brad was at the site when we pulled in, so he joined us for his second dive. We all had the pleasure of seeing a spanish dancer. It put on quite the show for us. You can check it out on Harry's blog. He actually caught a video of it. Truly awesome. So, 3 dives on the weekend for me - cool.

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Regis said...

Love the pics! Nice post! That wall of fish is amazing!