Friday, May 30, 2008


Wednesday I got a phone call from Harry, telling me he was at the vet's office with Stacy, getting her cat's shots. He said he was just sitting in the office and this kitten came up to him, snuggled, sat on his lap. He said it was such a good kitten. It was a drop off, staying at the vet's office until someone adopted her. I said, "why are you telling me this?" His response, "I don't know." Sarah was due at the vet in a while, too, to get her cat's vaccinations, so Harry said he'd show the cat to Sarah. Harry claims to have firmly said no, we don't need another cat (which we don't), and that he has witnesses (Stacy). His witness just laughed and said she doesn't remember. Mmm hmm. You get the picture. We have yet another cat. This kitten will be mine (ha, really it will be Harry's - see pictures below). Her name is Belle. I almost named her "Parrot'. Pirate (pretending not to like her) and Parrot alias Belle.


KelliOnSaipan said...

This comment from Laura: Oh, I vote for the name Parrot, funny picture of Harry & her.

Regis said...

Oh, great! Now I guess Josh will feel like he needs to get another pet,too.