Thursday, May 22, 2008

Princess Oleai

Everyone in my family is an animal lover. My son currently has 3 dogs, and one guinea pig and one rabbit. But he's had two ferrets and three cats with two of the dogs before. He can't help himself, I guess, as he was raised with dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Sarah is the same- but her love for animals is more selective, as she prefers cats. So this past weekend, while we were sitting at Oleai Beach Bar and Grill, Chris pointed out a kitten that was hiding under a table hoping for food scraps. Sarah had to oblige, of course, and took over some scraps from our table. In feeding the kitten, she discovered it was unusually friendly. It let Sarah pet it, purred even. So Sarah began her rescue pitch to me. We already have two rescued cats, so I wasn't really interested in adopting another one. But Harry said, what's one more cat? So "Oleai", alias Princess Oli came home with us. This is a picture of her before we cleaned her dirty little ears and before Sarah took her to the vet for a checkup and flee bath.When she first got home, she spent alot of time tucking her head under our arms. But she purrs the whole time she's being held. Sorry, I got this one a little blurry, but you can see she found a safe place to snuggle and rest, her first day home with us. The kittens always like Harry's beard. Our other two cats are adjusting to Oli, each in their own way. Alex ignores her, and Charlie plays with her sometimes and runs from her other times. She's learned to give Emma a little hiss and swipe, when Emma is too pesty or rough. So all in all, I think she'll fit into the family just fine.

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Ken & Crystal said...

Oh Yea! I'm so glad you rescued Princess Oli! She's adorable and unusually friendly for a boonie cat. We also saw and fed her at Oleai's before she was rescued by you wonderful people! Good for you guys for helping out the animal population here on Saipan one kitty at a time! Cheers! Hooray!