Friday, November 21, 2008

Congrats Harry and Brad!!

After 16 days of studying and taking exams, Harry and Brad received their PADI Dive Instructor certifications in Guam. Harry was sick as a dog during most of it, but he still managed to pull off an almost perfect score. I'm very proud of him. I arranged a little get-together for them both as a Welcome Home and Congratulations party. A number of dive friends came over and congratulated the "boys". Angelo and Brad R. were not able to make it due to a horrible car accident over the weekend, and a soccer game. I'm sorry they couldn't make it, as they had plans to "entertain" Harry and Brad with a little lip sync. A friend let Harry and Brad use an empty house in Guam, so the neighbors all thought that Brad and Harry were the new gay couple that moved in. So Angelo was going to dress up as Harry (eye patch and all) and Brad was going to dress as Brad D. They were going to sing "Just the Two of Us" for them. That would have been a hoot! I laugh just thinking about it. In the picture below, the cats found a safe place from all the people in the house - right on top of the frig. Here's some of the group - L to R - John, Esther, Mike and Malou. L to R - Chris, Brad (congrats!) and DennisJudy and HarrySarah (who cooked some amazing appetizers for the party), Morgan and Denise. Mike and son. This little guy smiles all the time. And Oli, "helping" with cup clean up. Oh, maybe she was just biting holes in the cups, that's it.


Brad said...

Hey Kelli! Thanks for the party and the congratulations! The food was AWESOME!

Sarah Beth said...

That bad Ollie! That was quite the mess to clean up from cup biting. Yes, the party was nice, and congrats to Dad and Brad.