Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Sarah spent hours cooking a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner for 8 thankful dinner guests. This year we had two Navy guys join us - Jason and Randall. Harry took them both diving and to the Grotto for a swim before dinner. I think they enjoyed their day with the family. We also had Rhea and Kaye join our family for the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. Here is the delicious roasted turkey, fresh out of the oven. We sent a good portion of turkey and fixings back to the ship with the guys. Sarah carving the roast beast - ha - not really. I took the knife from her and did that job myself. Yeah, it's usually Harry's job, but he wasn't back yet with the Navy guys, since they stopped for the Grotto swim, so I went ahead and got the carving done.
Here's our pretty holiday table.
This picture is a little blurry, but I always like having a picture with my chef of the day.


Deece said...

Looks yummy! Sounds like it was a nice day for all.

Regis said...

Nice post! Miss you guys!

BTW, how did Sarah get her hair like that???

Sarah Beth said...

Twas indeed a lovely Thanksgiving. And Regis - the hair comes from practice. I'll show you when I get to Florida.