Thursday, November 6, 2008


After work last night I went to a beachside bbq that was arranged as a farewell to a friend and business associate. While waiting for the bbq to start, I called a friend to see how she was doing. She told me about a car accident that she and her husband were in last week, in almost the exact same spot that the person almost hit Sarah and I. Thankfully, my friend and her husband are ok, but very sore from the impact. However, they are not sure if their car can be repaired or if it will be totalled. I'm just thankful she is ok. Close calls sometimes bring our attention back to the important things - life and the well being of those we love. So once I found out she'd be ok, and we arranged to meet this weekend, I thanked God for His protection, and headed over to the bbq.
We said farewell to John O., who has lived on the island for many many years. John will be missed very much. It's sad to see someone like him leave our little community. But of course, we can understand. He said, you know, it's just not fun to live here anymore. There is nothing to buy in the stores, just not much good left out there. I listened, nodded. I do understand what he is saying, and I hear the same thing over and over. The quality of life has greatly diminished. Many have chosen to move on from that. So later in the evening I told him I know what things make him want to leave, but what things about Saipan will he miss? He said the people. He said he's met alot of really great people out here, and he will miss them very much.
Well, John, you also will be missed very much. But we wish you the best in your new adventures in Arkansas. It sounds like you have a great place lined up. I'm happy for you, and hope to hear of your continued life adventures.

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