Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There is no pressure to buy gifts, instead it's a time to reflect on all we are thankful for, and share our blessings with others. Every year we have someone new at our table. This year we'll have a couple of guys from the Navy ship joining us for turkey dinner. I am looking forward to hearing everyone share what they are thankful for. But I thought I'd use my post for today to give you a chance to share what you are thankful for, too.
I'll give you my brief list. 1. My awesome husband, Harry. 2. My wonderful, loving kids, Josh, Sarah and Regis. 3. A few of my good friends who have weathered the triumphs and pains of life this past year - Chris, Laura, Hozumi.
There is much more to this list, of course. But I thought I'd keep it brief, in hopes that some of you share your "thankful for" list too. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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