Friday, November 21, 2008

Kelli Dives

While Harry was gone to Guam taking his Dive Instructor courses and exams, I managed to get out on a couple of dives to Obyan with Michael and Chris. Here is a great shot of Michael. I like the tank straps, it's almost like a little tank jacket, seems more secure. Here's Chris doing some exploring. It was fairly good visibility out here, but more murky closer to shore. Chris again, with a boat overhead. We saw this big chunk of stuff, and it had fish all over it, eating something. I never could tell what it was. Pretty fish and coral. Fish out near the eel garden. We didn't see too many garden eels. The fish were so pretty hanging out over the coral heads. Nice dives, but I missed having Harry along.

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Jeff said...

Obyan sure has some great visibility.