Monday, November 24, 2008

Four Weekend Dives

Harry and I went on 4 dives this weekend. Saturday it was just the two of us. We did two Lau Lau dives. The first dive was my final for Advanced Diver certification. So now I'm officially an Advanced PADI Scuba Diver. I can move on to my Rescue Diver course now. Sunday we did two more Lau Lau dives with Brad R., Kathy P., and Brad D. Here is Brad R., Kathy and Harry in the photo below. The Where's Waldo of fish - the scorpion fish. I love these guys - they look like they are smiling, almost chuckling. Kathy spotted something interesting. Brad also spotted something interesting - inside a cave.
Harry picked up something yukky - spewing sea cucumber. Harry relaxing. Harry heading down to check out the "Lemuria" site. It seems to be growing. Harry swarmed by yellow fish near the site. Brad and Kathy checking out the school of yellow fish. Kathy checking out the anenome fish. Brad and Kathy near the anenome.Beautiful anenome and anenome fish.
We got to swim with a turtle on our second dive. Brad D. says her name is Fiona. Here she is heading up to the surface for some air. Kathy and turtle. Brad and turtle.
Brad D. taking pictures and video of turtle. I'm guessing he's got some great video of this turtle, so check out his blog, too. The guys, trailing "Fiona" for more video. When I was coming in on the rope, Dennis and Judy were ahead of me. Judy hung on to Dennis's back, then Brad latched on to Judy's back - so here is a stack of 3 heading in from the dive. Fun dives today.


Saipan Kat said...

Thanks for a great dive! The photos are beautiful and stolen! :D

Regis said...

What is the sea cucumber spewing? Sounds gross. Oh, and what's a Lemuria?

KelliOnSaipan said...

I'm not sure what the sea cucumber spews. It's this white sticky, stringy stuff. It is kind of gross. Lemuria is the name it(stone pile site) was given when this online group became interested in the site. It looks like some lost ruins they are searching for, I think. So the name just stuck on this end.

Mike said...

great pics! Congrats on AOW! You'll be a Dive Master soon!