Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dive Students

A beautiful Oleai sunset. We came to Oleai at lunch time to give Harry's first two Open Water dive students their exams and possibly head out for an afternoon dive. However, the guys didn't have their book work done, so they had to work through that first. But it did allow us to enjoy a nice sunset at Oleai. Here they are - his first two Open Water graduates. Congrats Pastor Greg and Joel.


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Brad said...

Congratulations Harry! It is cool to have been a witness to the whole process. A year ago you had told me you'd quit hanging out with me if I ever became a DM...then you become one...and I got to go through the IDC with you and watch you show everyone who's boss as the only Instructor candidate to get 100% on all the written tests. Without realizing it, I guess I was along on the final certification dive for your first two students, too. I count myself lucky...and they should too. No one deserves it more than you!