Monday, December 22, 2008


Sunday was just an awesome dive with Chris, Harry and TURTLES!! Here is Chris trying out Harry's new BCD. Chris and turtle. They were content to let us hang around. This turtle stopped to munch a while, then would move on to another snack site.
Aren't they just the coolest creatures?Harry thought he'd save this one a trip to the surface for air. It looks like he's considering it, huh?The underwater turtle grin. Ok, I don't think the turtle was too impressed with the bunny ears. He looks alittle miffed. Harry trying to make up to the turtle for the bunny ear incident. And finally ME ! yay - with turtles. This is just so awesome.
If you ever wonder, what are you thinking while you swim next to a turtle? Well, I'll tell you. I'm thanking God for letting me enjoy such an amazing experience. Too cute, huh? This is my photo. But Harry got a nicer one, using the flash and macro mode. Nope, you aren't seeing double, well ok, yes you are. Yep, two - fun!
Harry's great close up shot. What a truly fun and amazing dive day!

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Brad said...

Hey Kelli! I'm envious! Two turtles at one cool. That first turtle is Fiona, which we swam with the time we were diving with Brad and Kathy.

In the picture with the two turtles, the one in the lower right corner is the one I call was in my last blog posting (when Harry was certifying the Pastor and Joel)and in one of your recent postings. It's got a mark in the shell that reminds me of the Eiffel Tower so it's easy to spot.

What time of day did you see them? Where at?