Thursday, December 18, 2008

PIC Waterpark Day

Chris and Sarah, Harry and I all won free waterpark passes to the PIC, so we all decided to go there on Saturday and relax for the day. Harry spent so much time surfing, he was sore and exhausted by the time we went home. But then, that's just Harry, always playing hard and having to go back to work to rest. Harry, the surf dog. He managed to do 3 rolls, get back up and exit nicely before he quit for the day. This is Chris doing a mighty fine surf manuever just before hitting the cement divider. Harry enjoying the lazy river after an exhausting surf day. Chris enjoying his relaxing lazy river ride. Sarah and Chris. Sarah wouldn't let him put bunny ears behind her head - so . . .I was trying to get my plumeria in the picture. I found a fallen plumeria near our recliners, and stuck it in my braid. Ah yes, a PIC beach sunset. It was a fun and memorable day.

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Deece said...

I would like a day of relaxation at PIC. You would think with my husband working there it would be easy. Ha ha!!