Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our final Saipan Girl Day

Last Friday I took the day off from work so I could spend the whole day with Sarah. We had a great "girl's day" together, visiting some of our favorite island spots together. We started our day at Java Joe's - I got a hot chai and Sarah got a capiccino. Mmm. One of our stops was Bonzai. It was a wild wave day, but no turtles in sight. The blues were awesome that day. The girls snapping their own "tourist" photo. While heading down the road from Suicide Cliff, I spotted these highway signs. I just had to take a picture, and record this Saipan moment. This is a closer look at highway 320. Yep, best traveled via 4 wheel drive. And highway 322 had a few suspicious looking little stink biscuits on the road. It would make one think that something other than cars might be using this road. Aha! I thought so. Sarah practicing to be a feng shui model. There are dozens of the stone arrangements going up to Suicide cliff now. They are fun to look at. A look over the edge at Suicide Cliff. No, I did not go over the fence for this photo. View from Suicide Cliff. Again, awesome blues out there. Sarah and I had a great day together. We stopped at Expressions and treated ourselves to some great gourmet candy. We ate lunch at Coffee Care. We shopped for Sarah's wedding gown, and checked out a few rings too. Sarah found a gorgeous wedding gown. All in all, it was some pretty great Mom/Daughter time. I will always treasure our girl days.

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Sarah Beth said...

That was a great day, indeed. Love you so much, Mumma, and glad we got to have that time together.