Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turtles, Nudis and Friends

It was another 4 dive weekend for me. As usual, I enjoyed them all. The following photos are different shots of friends and aqua critters that I enjoyed this past weekend. I had some other nice photos of me with turtles but they didn't upload successfully into smugmug, so I'll just show you some of the ones that uploaded. I'll start with this picture of me - taken by me. Yeah, since I have the camera I don't get too many pictures of myself underwater anymore. So I took this one myself and bugged Harry to take the one after it.
Here is one of the turtles we saw over the weekend. Cute, huh? This one was close to me, but heading for the surface for some air. Turtle having his breakfast. At one point, Harry took out his regulator and munched with the turtle, trying to convince the turtle that he was one of them. He claims he doesn't know what the turtles see in the algae, as it wasn't that tasty. This was such a pretty lion fish. I loved the blue tipped "feathers". Michael catching up to us on one of our dives. I thought this was a pretty urchin with all the stripes on his spines. One of my nudi shots. Another nudi shot. Rose found this nudi tucked under a ledge overhang. Harry took this photo. I think this one is a halgerda guahan. When I swam past the same ledge the next day, I saw that she left this behind. Beautiful egg ribbon. Rose checking something out. Rose is good at finding cool little critters. Rose playing ring around the rosey with a turtle. Rose was following a turtle, and headed him my way. He swam right over my head.
Harry munching more sea life, trying to convince the critters he's one of them. Harry with pillow starfish. Harry and the herd heading west. Ha. Harry waiting for me in the distance. Fish circle. Those are Harry's bubbles coming up from under the coral, as he checked out the little caves. He managed to chase a Titan Trigger Fish out of the caves. Bubble coral. Another nudi. I was happy with my photography for this one. Anenome fish and anenome. I ended the 4 dive weekend at the spa. I was sooo tired. I actually fell asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the reef line. Such a peaceful and pretty place. I'm thankful to get to hang out here. Sarah wondering why I am taking her picture at the spa. The peaceful spa fountains.


Jeff said...

Nice pics. This stuff is what I miss about that place and I'm sure you will as well.

Sarah Beth said...

Pictures at the spa are off limits - pictures of people, that is. Hence the face. And you caught me with junk food...