Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sarah's Last Ladder Beach Cookout

Sarah wanted one last Ladder Beach cookout. It was a nice relaxing evening. Here I am washing the charcoal smudges off my fingers. Emma always comes along to "help". Chris and Sarah are putting the veggie packs together. Sarah folding some of the foil packs of veggies. Harry got a steak to toss on the grill too. Sarah grilling our dinner. We had grilled portabella mushrooms, Harry had steak, and foil packs filled with veggies (pumpkin, yam, potato, mushroom, spices, herbs, zucchini), and sliced apples with butter and cinnamon in foil was grilled for the dessert. It was all delicious. Emma and I went off on a golf ball hunting expedition. We found 6 balls on that trip. I think we took home about a dozen. I guess someone was hitting them off the cliff.


Deece said...

How nice!

Sarah Beth said...

Awe, that was a nice night. And good food!