Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dinner Out

This seems to be the week for eating out. Monday night we actually cooked dinner at home, but Harry was gone diving, so he ate out. Tuesday Sarah and I had quilting lessons, so we grabbed a sandwich at Subway, Wednesday was the Divers Meeting at Oleai. And we won't be eating at home tonight either - but this time we have been invited to someone's house to eat! Zandra has been wanting to cook for us for a while now, but we've had many things going on, and she was gone for the summer, so tonight is the night we get to connect at her place. That's a real treat for me because I rarely get invited over to someone's house. Yes, we have plenty of dinners and such at our house, but it seems we rarely get invited out to other people's homes. I can understand why, as it is a bit of work to have guests over. But thankfully, I have Sarah to help me cook and clean for guests. We truly enjoy the cooking and talking time together, preparing food and arranging things for our guests. And now that we have a much bigger house, it just seems fun to have a group over for dinner and conversation or one of our strange games. Well, in all fairness, we did get another invitation to dinner this weekend - yep, at someone else's house - but we won't be able to go since it's the Rotary Las Vegas Night fund raiser night. Oh well, when it rains it pours, I guess. We almost always eat out with friends on Friday nights, so I guess we'll stick with that plan too. Maybe we can try to eat at home on Sunday. : ) I'm not complaining about all this eating out this week. When life gets this busy, sometimes it's just easier. By the time I get out of work at 6 ish, then go home, cook, eat, clean up the kitchen - I pretty much drag into my room around 8:30 and watch CSI until I fall asleep. Sarah and I decided we need to make up a menu for the week - easy to cook stuff and buy all the ingredients ahead of time. Part of the chore of cooking is thinking of what to make. And trying to plan ahead is always a challenge out here - mostly because the stores don't likely have the ingredients you want for things. Aah yes, life on Saipan. Well, I'm off to grocery shop - have a nice evening.

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