Monday, August 13, 2007

Not Always Sunshine

A friend sent me this picture a while back. It made me smile at the time, but I kept it around because the truth is - sometimes it's just nice to have someone else praying with you. Yeah, I know, blogs are no place to air concerns, but there are some days on this mostly sunny island that just have their share of piled up concerns. So I guess today I can't write a cheery blog, or even a ballroom dancer "outing" blog. But while I think over, pray over, or just stuff my other thoughts, I can write about other things. So, here are a few random thoughts, I'll just write as they come to me. Random thought # 1 - I was thinking about my son today, who just headed to New Hampshire for 9 days for intensive microsoft training. I'm excited for him, getting this opportunity to further his education and gain these certificates. This opportunity will likely open more employment opportunities for him when he is ready to leave the Air Force. Random thought #2 - I had a nice dinner last night with friends at Capricciosa. Good food, good conversation and I got to meet Bruce (the captain of the boat that Harry drives with his butt). Nice evening. Oh, and I just learned there is a quilting class starting up, so I'm excited to check that out. Bruce claims he used to quilt (years and years ago). I hope they can teach beginners, I've always wanted to learn quilting. Random thought #3 - I wonder if I can teach Emma to be like this dog. It would be a nice change from shredding the bathroom garbage on the living room rug, and chewing open the candy bag on the blue chair. I hope your work week started off good today. Enjoy the rain.


Bev said...

i love it when people are "real" on their blogs. Life definitely is not always roses and sunshine. Love the cute pic. Prayers definitely get you through the week.

Harry Blalock said...

Hi Hon, sorry we missed each other all day Monday, it makes for a rough start for the week, plus a very tired Tuesday. Emma and I are ready.

By the way, I can't believe you outed Bruce's quilting secret, poor guy. Oh well, these things build character I'm sure. I love you!