Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Sarah and I had the pleasure of attending our first quilting class last night. I've always wanted to learn how to quilt. So while out to dinner with friends the other night, Hozumi mentioned that some ladies in her church were starting up a quilting class. So Sarah and I drove over to see what it would be like. The teacher is Joan Swetland, and she showed us some of her husband's quilting projects and a large keepsake quilt that her friends made for her when she came to Saipan. We got to look through a bunch of quilting magazines, and we received our first quilting lesson. We started with learning to measure and cut perfect squares, and then used the sewing machine to practice making 1/4 inch seams on our squares. Sarah and I both enjoyed the lesson and decided that we needed to make a project together. We want to make a table runner, for the fall potluck dinner. We'll have to keep it simple, of course, since this is our first project. But Sarah was already scanning the internet when we got home, looking for a pattern we might like to start. I tried to encourage Harry to join us, as Mr. Swetland is there working on a project, too. But he politely declined. I think he's still smarting from me outing his ballroom dancing. So I'm excited to be a part of this group, share in the fellowship, have a fun project to share with my daughter - and learn to quilt!

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Harry Blalock said...

Ok, I'm definitely drawing the line here. I may be slightly guilty on the ballroom dancing thing, but there is no way I'm quilting! So don't even think of starting Mike or Jeff!