Friday, August 24, 2007

Sewer Breath

I had a different post up this morning, but I decided to delete it after our conversation at lunch today. Harry said instead of writing about what I did - which was basically that I'm glad it's the weekend after a long week - I should write about our conversation at lunch. Harry was telling about his interesting morning at work. He has many interesting mornings at work, and we were all listening intently to his stories, giving our various responses. When he was done, Sarah asked me how my morning went. Without a thought I launched into my morning. I had a couple of men come to my desk seeking notary services. This is not uncommon, actually quite sadly, none of this story is uncommon. As I leaned across the desk to collect the papers, one of them started to talk. His breath was so overwhelming I struggled to stay focused. I kept thinking things like did he just stop on the side of the road, chew on a dead dog, and come to my desk? AAAGGHHH. Really, what do people eat? And have they never heard of mouthwash? Gum? A toothbrush? When I regained my breath, I began a series of turning my head, gasping in air, then facing them again and proceding with paperwork. At this point, I was once again distracted - I thought of Bev. How do you do it, girl? Do you keep a private barf bucket near by? Really? I just know I would not do well with this, so my hat's off to you! I stamped those documents fairly quickly, was thankful to step away to make copies, and handed everything over - thanking them, hopefully encouraging them to pack up and head out. As they left I had another thought - who kisses these men? I mean really? It would be like puckering up to a sewer line. Ok, well, I guess Harry was right. I did need to write this out - I feel much better having vented. Yes, I'm sitting here chewing some gum after lunch. I don't want to be the reason my customers run out seeking oxygen. Have a great, fresh breath smelling weekend. Clipart is a courtesy of

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Bev said...

Ha Ha! Welcome to my world! Yup, can you believe they are actually kissing someone with their stinky breath. I'll have to screen any guys mouth beforehand to see if he's kissable! lol