Thursday, August 30, 2007


My son sent me this picture a while ago. Josh has always been an animal lover, so I wasn't surprised when he told me that they were getting a dog from the animal shelter. Then not too long after getting the first dog, they got a second one from the shelter again. Here you see his new dog, Ben, looking pretty happy about being hugged by his new master. This picture just makes me smile. My heart goes out to all of the sadly neglected and abused dogs on island. Dogs are so loving and responsive when cared for. It's just confusing sometimes to see how horribly that certain people can treat them. I've often thought it would have been great if Josh had become a vet, and ran a dog treatment and care farm over here. It could transform the island. But I'm happy he and Regis were able to rescue two dogs in Texas who needed loving homes.
When Harry and I went to Hong Kong last November for his heart cath, we spent some time at a really nice park on the ocean. It had rides, an amazing aquarium, birds and even panda bears. We enjoyed seeing the live pandas so much, that we bought panda souvenirs from the gift shop before leaving. One item was a panda backpack. Yes, it's true we did not have kids who could appreciate the panda backpack, but we were thinking ahead to grandchildren. So when we got back, we told both kids that the first one to give us a grandchild gets the panda backpack. Yes, that does push the line of bribery, but what can I say? I want grandchildren. Ha. So Josh and Regis helped Ben dress up in Josh's military clothes, in a feeble attempt to convince me that they should get the backpack, introducing him as Sgt. Ben Granddog. Good try! But no cigar, or no backpack in this case. Yes, we're still waiting on the grandchild news, but no hurry I guess. Harry says he isn't old enough to be a grandfather yet. Have a great day - and treat a boonie dog good today!

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