Friday, August 17, 2007

Really Good Friends

We had a really nice dinner at Zandra's last night. While the food was good, the really nice part was just having time to chat with Zandra, share some laughs, and look through some old pictures. We also got to meet Amanda, who is new on island, teaching at Saipan Community School. While flipping through some pictures, we came across some of my son's wedding. It was a whole CD of pictures that I had not seen. This group of pictures included a few from his reception, so I was really excited about them, as we didn't have very many from his reception. Anyway, I wanted to post this picture of Zandra and Hozumi. It truly made me smile. This is evidence of some REALLY GOOD FRIENDS. It was up to me to plan my son and daughter-in-law's wedding out here, as they would arrive on Saipan December 30 and get married January 1. I emailed Regis to find out what kind of flowers she would like and other preferences for the wedding. Well, as the time got closer, I figured Sarah and I could get the flowers and arrange them ourselves for Josh's wedding. But with all of my guests arriving from the states at the same time as Josh and Regis, it was hard to get away to do flower gathering, etc. So I talked with Debbie, who has done flowers for weddings before, hoping she could give me some tips. Debbie, being the amazing woman that she is, said she would put the arrangements together for me (after I showed her some pictures from Regis) if I would get her the flowers. That in itself was amazing (I cried), but she also recruited other friends to help her assemble the flowers. They all worked long and hard together at Debbie's and brought the most amazing arrangements to my son's wedding chapel and reception hall. I can never repay them for this kindness. Everything was so beautiful. So the picture above is the girls working hard at creating the circle of flowers that Regis wanted at the altar. In a previous blog I talked about friends and family - and sometimes they are interchangeable out here.
Also at my son's wedding, I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine. I wanted to be able to dance with my husband at my son's wedding. You know, for most of our married lives Harry and I never could dance together as neither one of us knew how and we both lack any true rhythm. But after Hozumi talked him into taking ballroom dance lessons and then we both started learning - we were able to begin our son's wedding with a foxtrot, then invite everyone else to join us. It meant so much to me. So here we are - sorry Harry, another dancing picture.