Monday, June 2, 2008

Sarah's Birthday

Sunday was Sarah's birthday. I think we all had a fun day celebrating it, even the cat girls. Here are Oli and Belle giving Sarah birthday hugs. It's a real treat to celebrate a birthday at the Hyatt Sunday Brunch. As always, the Hyatt puts on a great brunch, with many many delicious choices. For Sarah, Chris and I, this guy isn't one of them. Oink!Here's Sarah with her oinkless plate of food, and Harry helping to complete her glamorous look. Harry and Sarah, enjoying dinner and plenty of laughs. Here's the four of us celebrating Sarah's birthday. She didn't want the Hyatt group to sing to her. Ironically, 4 other birthday celebrants didn't seem to mind the singing, so we heard the birthday song plenty of times that day. Here's a sampling of the Hyatt dessert table. Yes, it is just as delicious as it looks.
As if the dessert table wasn't enough, they bring you an ice cream cake for your birthday, too. We passed the plate around the table and sampled it. It has a really good chocolate crust, so we each had to try at least one bite. On our way out of the Hyatt, we detoured to the bird cage near the pool. This cockatiel seemed really happy to let us scratch his head for him. He hangs upside down and puts his head down in the slot to be petted. Very cute. Harry was a little apprehensive to try petting the cockatiel since his recent run in with the eel, and of course, his monkey bite. But he finally put his hand in and gave the bird some attention. Thankfully, the bird was happy to be on the receiving end - a successful animal encounter for Harry - with no more bites. Happy Birthday, Sarah. You'll always be our favorite baby girl!

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