Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dinner with Friends

This past weekend was our 28th wedding anniversary. It was also Barry and Maggie's 22nd wedding anniversary. We each celebrated on our own anniversary dates, but on Sunday night we decided to get together for Sarah's seafood lasagna. Here's Sarah cooking a grand meal for all of us. Barry and Maggie brought over a palm leaf for the table decoration. The three of us are trying to cut it to the correct size under Maggie's instruction. Fun stuff. Barry and Maggie showed up with fresh fruit skewers - yum! Here's Barry arranging the fruit on the table with a freshly cut banana leaf as the setting. You have to love friends who bring over cool and nice looking table settings.
Fruit skewers and banana leaf masterpiece. It went very well with Sarah's delicious seafood lasagna, bruschetta and foccacia bread and broccoli/zucchini veggie mix. Here we are, enjoying all the good food. Maricar is in the front, Maggie, Barry, and Sarah at the end of the table. We shared some great stories about our early years of marriage. Thanks Barry and Maggie for a fun dinner and thanks Sarah for cooking all the great food.

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Deece said...

Congratulations! It looked lovely.