Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life - slowed down a bit

Life has been really different this past week and a half. I look for things to do that don't involve walking very far. So I've watched a few movies now, as I can comfortably prop my leg up in the theater. I watched "Love Guru", which was funny. It was good to laugh for a while. And I watched "Narnia", which was good. I still want to see "Get Smart", but I don't have much interest in "The Hulk". I saw enough TV reruns of "The Hulk" to last me a lifetime. At home I watched "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" again. I always enjoy watching that movie. So yes, it's been weird going from really active - diving, walking, dancing, Curves - to sitting, watching movies, reading books. Not the easiest adjustment, but I'm determined to be really careful with my knee so it heals quickly and thoroughly.
My friend, Laura, has started her own blog now. She's from Michigan. She just went camping near Mackinaw. Check out her pictures on her new blog : It is very beautiful in Northern Michigan. I miss some of those sites.

I'm making progress from the picture below. I've already lost the crutches and the splint, and thankfully the green towel.


Life Is Good By Laura said...

Ah, a green towel, got a purse to match it?

KelliOnSaipan said...

Actually I do have a purse that would match the green towel, but if a person is dorky enough to wear a green towel in public, I guess they don't think of the matching purse. My other option was to go out in my leopard print undies. That wouldn't be much worse than the college kids that wear their pajamas in public, I guess - or the boys that wear their pants falling down to their knees. Thankfully, fashion has little to no bearing on this island.