Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day Part Two

Harry decided he wanted to do a second dive on Father's Day, so he asked Erin and I to join him at the Grotto. Erin wasn't so sure she wanted to tackle the Grotto, but decided she would regret not going once she got home. This is Harry and Erin exiting a swimthrough, but it might not be at the Grotto, as I got my pictures a little mixed up. But here is Erin after going out the hole at the Grotto. My camera was malfunctioning on this dive, so some of the pictures are kind of dark. Harry is inside the Grotto, happy to be in one of his favorite places. As we were getting ready to exit the hole out into the ocean, Harry and I spotted a turtle silhouette in the opening. He took off right away to follow the turtle. Harry is swimming alongside the turtle videoing the swim. Harry got some great pictures of the turtle. Check out his blog for some really nice photos of the day. I thought I was going to get a good shot of the turtle, but my screen filled up with this guy at the last minute. Guess he wanted to steal the show. So I gave this one his own photo time. Thankfully, Harry got some good turtle shots. Well, I guess there is a bit more to this story. But Harry did such a good job writing about it on his blog, you can check out the story there.

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