Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

For Father's Day, what else would Harry want to do? We went diving, of course, then to Oleai for lunch because that's what we do. Harry spotted this scorpion fish.
And a nudibranch. I don't know it's name. It had blue trim. Black with blue trim - must have just gotten new dive gear. Happy Father's Day - to the underwater pirate himself. He even ended up wearing his patch by the end of the weekend, but that's another story. Here's Harry taking Grace along on his Father's Day dive. Actually the whole Reed family joined us at Lau Lau.
Here's Dan and Erin. Ok, I guess the whole family didn't come. Simon was left at the PIC with the Kid's Club, as he's only 6 years old. Notice Erin is pulling Dan along by his inflater. That's one way to monitor his buoyancy! Here's Dan and Erin at Oleai, enjoying the great view and Father's Day lunch.
Other Oleai guests include Chris, Sarah and me.

Josh joined us via phone call to his Dad for Father's Day. Well, Father's Day was mostly good. I'll post pictures from the second half tomorrow.


Regis said...

Nice post! Looks like a fun day.

Also, that's a really pretty pic of you.

Anonymous said...

Sarah smiles like you...