Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Dive Gear

Saturday, June 7, was our 28th wedding anniversary. There are many wonderful memories packed into 28 years of sharing life with your spouse. And today was another day of fun diving, lunch with friends, and a wonderful dinner cooked for us by our daughter. A couple weeks ago, Harry ordered new dive gear for me. We were talking about the gear the other night, and Harry said, coming from him it's the ultimate romantic gift for our anniversary. To him, it's better than jewelry or flowers - because diving is the thing in life that he enjoys the most. So having me share it with him is the best way to share time together. He also ordered new camera equipment for himself. Both arrived a few days before our anniversary, so I was excited to try out my new gear on our "anniversary" dive, although Harry managed to try out his camera equipment right away. So I jumped in the water, adjusted my buoyancy, discovered I was too light, stuck some rocks in my new nice big pockets, and checked out my new gages - below.
Our dive Saturday was with Brian, Michael and Maricar. Here is me in my new dive gear, and Michael towing Maricar. Here is Maricar, Michael, and me in the background, all exiting a swimthrough. Here I am exiting another swimthrough.Here's Brian inside one of the swimthroughs. It was so pretty in there with the sun streaming in. Here I am trying to get a close up shot of the anenome and clownfish. Ok, in this picture you can kind of see my new gear. My dive skin has blue stripes down the arms, and my BC is highlighted with blue trim. It makes for a very cool look, but it wasn't planned. I got the dive skin on Saipan after my gear arrived. It was the only one they had in my size, so it was blue or nothing. I don't really get cold diving, but the dive skin is nice protection for the swimthroughs. Here is a closer look at the new gear. Tusa regulator and Dacor Talon BC. Cool new stuff, huh? Yes, that was a mighty fine anniversary gift. Harry got the red clip for my fins to attach to when I'm getting out. Here's Harry laying on the bottom with his new camera housing and strobe light. I think he was trying to get a shot of all of us swimming over the ledge. Here's his new camera gear and his new SCAP. It's cool pirate-looking head gear. He said it saves him head scrapes in the swimthroughs and keeps his head warm on long dives. Harry with his new camera gear and SCAP again. Harry searching for nudibranchs and other little critters. This was our view inside one of the swimthroughs. Very beautiful.
Here's Harry inside a swimthrough with the sunlight streaming in on us.
Some anenome and clownfish. Happy 28th Anniversary to us!


Tamara said...

congratulations on your anniversary and those are some awesome photos! I really enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing!

Brad said...

Congratulations Kelli and Harry! 28 years is really something to be proud of. Your dive gear looks great. Is that an XR2 dive computer? I think you'll love it. The clip for the fins is useful when getting in and out, I love mine.

Thanks for sharing the photos Kelli!