Monday, June 23, 2008

I Miss Diving

It's been a week since my last dive. I am reduced to living vicariously through Harry and his camera full of dive pictures. Sigh. Yep, pouting big time. But don't get me wrong. I am very thankful that my injuries weren't any worse. For those who haven't read Harry's blog, here's what happened. Harry and I both wore out our felt bottom dive boots. So when Harry was going to the grotto last Saturday, I told him to be careful, as our new boots were alot more slippery. Well, he fell right in front of the big rock and hit his elbow and knee. The next day he warned me and Erin about the slippery spot, but I failed to go in the right place and slipped also. I fell into the washing machine, which was no big deal, since it wasn't rough water. However, I managed to whack my knee on the way down. Harry used his one good arm to pull me out, as I couldn't manage to climb out myself. I walked around on the rock and my leg seemed to be ok, so I went on the dive. It was a spectacular dive, two turtles, plenty of big fish, clear blue ocean. My leg felt fine the whole time. When I got out, the knee didn't seem to have much strength for me to climb the little stairs on the rock, so I prayed I could make it to the top of the grotto stairs. I used my left leg to pull me up, and managed to get me and my tank all the way to the top. Once I got to the car, my knee really started to hurt. We drove Erin around to check out some tourist sites, and my knee hurt more with each time I got out of the car to look around. By the time I got home it was feeling very strange. When I tried to put my weight down on it, I started to pass out. That made me realize that maybe there was something really wrong with it.

I went to work the next day, and Harry looked it over at lunch. He said we were going to the doctor to get it checked out. Well, 3 xrays later, I have a small fracture on my kneecap. The doctor made a splint out of cast plaster. He asked if he could cut my pants. I said no way, they're my favorite pants. So I opted to take them off and wear a towel we had in the car. We took Erin and family for the north end tour right after my doctor appointment. So I wore my nice shirt and a green towel for the trip. We went out to dinner with them afterwards, but thankfully Sarah brought a skirt to the restaurant for me.

I made it almost a week with the cast on, but it was really hurting me. The whole back of my leg just ached. My legs cramped and twitched all through the night, so I got very little sleep. Finally after whining to Harry about how I just couldn't sleep and how much it hurt, he decided to cut it off for me. That was such a huge relief. I massaged some life back into my leg and it feels tons better now. I am still using crutches and still careful not to put alot of pressure on it. Prayers are appreciated.

So this past weekend I kept myself busy reading and going to the movies - and looking through all of Harry's really cool dive pictures.
P.S. - we both bought new FELT BOTTOM dive boots.

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Brad said...

Kelli, I read about your spill on Harry's blog. I hope your knee is on the mend. I'm glad to hear you survived the Washing Machine. How long are you expected to stay off of it?