Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Well, I was hoping to have a picture for this post, but maybe I can put one up later. I really enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend. Harry and I hung out together on Saturday, which is always nice. Saturday morning we visited the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We got to watch Bev sing with a group. They did a very nice job. Then we went to lunch at Truong's, just the two of us. After that we just ran some errands and I cleaned the house while Harry caught up with some photo uploading. Saturday night Harry, me, Sarah and Chris met Bryan and Hozumi at the Aqua Resort for the all-you-can-eat fresh shrimp night. The food was very good, and we had a good time telling Aqua stories (Bryan and Greg have a good one, complete with a special song) and laughing and just enjoying each other's company. Then Harry and I headed to the airport to pick up Pete, who is back for his regular 4 months on the Lummus. Sunday morning was our usual bible study then lunch. Harry met us at Oleai for lunch and then went diving with Hozumi in the afternoon. Sarah and I spent the afternoon at Marianas Resort, enjoying the perfect day of sunshine and relaxation. We headed back home in the evening for our movie and popcorn night. We couldn't find a good movie to rent, so we ended up watching Dracula Dead and Loving It. Gruesome, but funny. And it was so good to know I could stay up and watch the movie and NOT have to work the next day - Yay! Monday morning I had toast made with fresh Hyatt walnut bread, yum, then ended up eating breakfast again with Mike and Harry at Herman's. My walnut bread was definitely better than the second breakfast (just stuck to toast). When I got back, Sarah wanted to go out to eat (again) so we headed up to Coffee Care. We had their Monday tomato soup - very good! Wow, this sounds like a marathon eating weekend or something. Sarah and I worked on our fall table runner quilt in the afternoon. We are having a lot of fun putting it together. We went to the afternoon show at the movie theater and saw Stardust - that was a fun movie. So, all in all, after all that food and more food, we did manage to do a number of things together. It was a very enjoyable weekend for me. I'll try to post a picture of the progress on the fall table runner soon. At our quilting class Tuesday night, we began stitching around the leaves with gold thread. It looks really nice.

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Bev said...

Hey Kelli! I was so happy to see you and Harry at church! Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon.