Monday, September 24, 2007

2007 Fall Potluck Dinner

Welcome to the 2007 Fall Potluck Dinner at the Blalock home. This is one of the tables at the dinner, there were two others. After everyone arrived, we decided to connect all the tables like we usually do, and just have one big long table. But this table was graced with our finished table runner - handmade and quilted by Sarah and I just for this occasion. Of course, we plan to make another project in the quilting class, but it was fun having an event to make something for this time. The other tables had candles and cut out leaves from the quilt fabric. This year there were eleven of us around the table. We had vegetable soup and cornbread, Harry's amazing homemade stuffed mushrooms, grilled mahi in jerk sauce, homemade macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, apple crisp and pumpkin pie, ice cream, and carrot cake. Yes, it was all delicious. Thanks to all of my friends for bringing their yummy fall dishes to share.

Here's a picture of Harry's amazing stuffed mushrooms. They were awesome!

Here's some of the girls, having pre-dinner sparkling cider.

Here's a picture of the dessert group.

For our last picture, here's Harry relaxing on the couch, which is currently located in the kitchen because the tables were all in the living room. He worked hard, grilling fish, chopping, stuffing and making his stuffed mushrooms, and telling people to look in the pantry at my new rack- you'll have to read about that on his blog. Thanks again to my Saipan family that celebrates fall with me here on Saipan, as if that were a perfectly normal thing to celebrate on a tropical island.

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Bev said...

I had such a great time Kelli! Thanks for the invite. The food was really yummy=)