Monday, September 10, 2007

September 8 Scuba Dive

Yes! I did it! Harry took me scuba diving at Lau Lau on September 8. Here I am swimming with the fish. Yes, I know, I don't look like a "good" diver because my arms are out. But it's been so long since I went diving, that I kept reaching out to the fish (not touching them) in fascination that they would swim right up to my mask and hang out near me. Yes, I was just enjoying the sheer wonder of weightlessness and swimming with fish. Harry kept the dive easy for me, so we only went to about 60 feet.

I got to see this baby lion fish. So cute. It was only about 3 or 4 inches long. Harry was hoping I would see a turtle, but there weren't any around that morning. I'll probably have another chance to see a turtle, as I'm sure I'll be diving again. I won't wait so long this time. Since I'm not in the greatest shape, hauling the gear is still hard for me, but it's great once I'm in the water, of course. So I won't ever be the regular diver that Harry is, but I'll still get in the water now and then. This was a fun accomplishment for me, so I'm really happy that Harry took me along.

September 8 is a memorable day for me, as it is also my son's birthday. Happy 24th Josh!


Bev said...

Go You! =) Sounds like you had a blast. I hope I get to dive with you atleast once before I leave this rock.

Grace Rees said...

Congratulations! Nice pic of you as well! My one regret is that I never let Harry take me on a dive... and yes, he did offer! while we were living on Saipan. Can't undo it, but it's def. on my list to things to do before I'm 100. Ha.

Harry Blalock said...

See, now isn't it cool to be able to blog about diving and post cool diving pics? If you'll come to the Grotto I'll even let you take pictures of nudibranchs, and if you're really lucky you'll even catch them in the act!