Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sarah and I have really enjoyed our quilting classes on Tuesday nights. Joan is a great teacher, and she encourages us to do our own thing. She's right there to guide us and to offer advice. Since this is our first time quilting, we are just thankful to have Joan as our teacher, and that she has been willing to offer the classes. I never expected that I would get the opportunity to learn quilting way out here. So it's been a real blessing to me. And it's a great time for Sarah and I to spend together designing our table runner for the fall dinner potluck. In this picture, Sarah has just finished applying the fusable webbing to the back of our leaves. After this part, we arranged the leaves in the design that we wanted on each of our squares, then fused them onto the blocks. We have been working on sewing around the edges of each of the leaves with gold thread. It looks really nice and the sewing is really fun, too. After we complete this portion, we will begin connecting the squares and batting. Our project is simple, but we wanted something easy for our first time. And we wanted something we could have finished for fall.
Here's me arranging the leaves on my square. I have made some progress sewing around my leaves, but I think Sarah has twice as many completed as I do. Maybe I can get more done tonight. Sarah works on her leaves while watching tv in the evenings. I need plenty of light to see what I'm doing. Well, I'll probably post a picture of our finished product next. I'll keep you posted.
In other news, some friends arrived back from the Philippines with my new dance shoes! Yay! They are a perfect fit. It's really nice dancing in those, I'm so glad I got them.
Have a great work week!


Harry Blalock said...

Nice quilting post, have fun in your class tonight.

Bev said...

i think your table cloth is going to be the hit at the fall dinner! Looks great so far =)