Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Project Complete

Sarah and I went to quilting class again last night. This time we brought our completed table runner quilt. Everyone really seemed to like it and complemented our work. It was alot of fun to share the whole experience with the group, and let them know how much the ladies at the fall potluck dinner also really liked the quilt. The pastor was kind enough to take pictures of our progress at quilting class. In this first picture you see us scanning the quilting magazines looking for the project we wanted to begin.

In the second picture, we have the squares connected and ready to take home to attach the batting and quilt the squares. After bringing our finished quilt into the group for review, we went through the pictures of new projects that Sarah had all picked out for us on the internet, and chose one to do next. We asked Joan first, if she thought we could handle the one we picked out. So we're off on a new project. We are truly enjoying the time learning, fellowshipping with the group and having some mom and daughter time. Here we are with our finished quilt. The next one will be kept secret until we finish.

We'll post that one when it's done, with pictures and the story to go with it. Thanks for sharing our quilting adventures.

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Sarah Beth said...

Nice pictures. It was nice of the pastor to take them for us. Looking forward to the next project with my favorite mumma!