Friday, September 14, 2007


Here they are! Pickles had her two puppies, both boys. They are just too cute. I'm sure Laura is excited as she sent me an email with the subject "grandsons". I had to laugh. Pickles looks like she is recovering from her bad hair cut. While I love puppies, I'm still glad that Emma is neutered, and we don't have a truckload of puppies at our house. Yeah, she wouldn't just have two, like Pickles, no she would push out 7, I just know it. And this island just doesn't need more unwanted animals. My salute to the PAWS group for their dedicated work in assisting the animals of our island. Perhaps through education and example, we can stop the animal cruelty here. It would also be helpful if we had affordable medical care for our animals, but that's another topic.

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Laura said...

You still haven't told me which puppy you want!